BA in Liberal Studies

AULA’s BA in Liberal Studies program is a pioneering undergraduate degree completion option that provides individualized attention from outstanding faculty mentors and small, interactive classes that cultivate rigorous dialogue and critical thinking. Students may develop independent studies with the support of a mentor, and they may obtain academic credit for prior learning. These are just a few of the unique benefits of the Antioch University Los Angeles bachelor’s degree program that promotes the values of academic excellence, experiential learning, and social justice.

Antioch University’s BA program offers structured areas of concentration — similar to majors and minors — to help students prepare for specialized careers or graduate study. In addition to Business and Social Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Urban Community and Environment, Child Studies, Creative Writing, Queer Studies, and Liberal Studies, you also can create your own program to stretch your career in a new direction or fuel your enthusiasm for a specialized academic focus.

At Antioch University, you can design a program as individual as you are. Together with a faculty mentor, you can combine areas and topics of interest to create a unique concentration all your own.

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