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If you are considering admission to one of our undergraduate or graduate degree programs, we strongly recommend that you attend an Information Session. You’ll hear from the faculty, students, alumni, and admissions staff about what makes Antioch University Los Angeles so unique. You’ll learn the essentials about the program you’re considering, such as schedule, units, cost, financial aid options, and the courses and concentrations offered. You can ask questions, have your transcripts reviewed, and tour the campus. All students who attend an Information Session receive an application fee waiver.

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Where better to experience the vitality of the Antioch University Los Angeles learning environment than directly in one of our classrooms? When you visit one of our classes, you’ll see first-hand our unique learning environment. Students feel empowered to voice their opinions and use their own experiences to illuminate the course material. Instructors challenge the class to move beyond conventional modes of thinking in the pursuit of a deeper truth. You are not a nameless student in a lecture hall, dutifully taking notes until the bell rings. Instead, in a class of perhaps a dozen students, you engage, debate, question, uncover, and develop yourself as a critical thinker capable of examining topics through multiple lenses. You will also learn to find your voice, tap into your passion and perspective, and use your voice beyond our classroom walls.

Visit a Class

Or contact us at (310) 578-1080 ext. 100 for immediate assistance.