Selection Process

An Admissions committee, led by faculty members within the appropriate academic program, reviews your application and associated materials and decides whether or not to recommend admission.  If you meet the program’s admissions criteria, you may be asked for an interview.  Please note that all MA in Clinical Psychology applicants are required to participate in an interview as part of the selection process.

There are two primary offices involved in processing and managing your application to study at AULA, and you should be aware of what their roles and responsibilities are:

OfficeSnapshot of Role(s)
Admissions Committee/Program facultyMakes the academic decision recommending admission
Admissions OfficeCoordinates the admissions process, and makes the official offer of admission to the applicant

Office of Admissions

If you are granted admission to AULA, you will receive a formal offer of admission via email and U.S. mail.

Unsuccessful Applications

If your application is not accepted, at any stage in the admissions process, we will notify you via U.S mail.


Once your application is review-ready, it takes AULA (on average) less than 30 days to process your application and notify you of an admissions decision.  However, for programs that consider applications only after the final deadline, it may be several months before the program makes a decision on your application. For those programs, it may take several weeks from the time the application deadline passes for the Admissions Office to notify you of your admissions decision.