Writing Support

“The best writing is rewriting.” -EB White

The Tutors

The writing tutors at Antioch University Los Angeles offer assistance and guidance in academic and creative writing. The goal is to help students achieve academic success and satisfaction through improved writing skills. Tutors support students in creating well-conceived, well-written, and thoroughly vetted papers. Tutors assist students who have basic issues and questions, as well as those students interested in enhancing their skills.

The Working Relationship

Writing tutors do not create the work for the student, but discuss method and identify areas where students need to focus and strengthen their skill set. Tutors guide, suggest, and question –they teach rather than do. The doing is the privilege of the student. A successful tutor-student relationship allows the student to realize her or his potential as a writer and feel confident that, independently, she or he can produce quality and inspired academic work.

Areas of Support

Get support at any point in the writing process:

  • brainstorming
  • research
  • drafting
  • revision
  • proofreading

Work with tutors on many types of writing:

  • academic
  • persuasive
  • creative
  • resume/business

Refine your writing from multiple perspectives:

  • critical thinking
  • thesis statements
  • argumentation
  • supporting evidence
  • organization
  • citation
  • grammar
  • finding your voice
  • research
  • writer’s block
  • avoiding plagiarism