Joy Turek, PhD

MA in Psychology


Core Faculty
(310) 578-1080 ext. 306

PhD in Psychology, United States International University
MA in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University
BA, Antioch University

Joy Turek has experienced AULA in many roles–from undergraduate and graduate psychology student, to faculty member and now as Chair of the MA Psychology Program. A member of the Core Faculty, Joy has researched and published on the psychology of humor. Having completed her doctorate while raising two children makes her a powerful mentor for adult students in professional life. She also has a part-time clinical practice. Joy has been teaching at Antioch University Los Angeles since 1976.

Beginning in 1994, when Antioch offered certain faculty members extensive training in multicultural awareness, following which the MAP core faculty continued this effort with bi-monthly in-service activities, I have had an ever-deepening interest in the development of cultural sensitivity in our society, in teaching and in clinical practice.  I have attended conferences, including those offered by the National Multicultural Training Institute.  I have also actively focused on creating a more culturally sensitive curriculum in the MAP program at AULA.  I initiated and taught several courses, for example:  The Psychology of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Identity,” and “Lifespan Development in Gay and Lesbian Individuals” and have initiated and hired others to teach a wide range of diversity-focused activities, including courses devoted to working with physically different persons, Native Americans, and immigrant populations.  My teaching interests include: Adult Development, Society and the Individual, Psychology and Society, Jewish Identity and the Psychology of Anti-Semitism, Lifespan Development of Gay and Lesbian Individuals, and Humor, Creativity, and Psychotherapy.

  • Society and the Individual (PSY 545)
  • Field Study:  Psychology and Society (PSY 512)
  • Humor and Healing (PSY 547C)
  • Introduction to Psychotherapy (PSY 500)