Lisa Lepore, MLIS

Director of Library Services and Core Faculty
Student Advocacy & Engagement Advisor
(310) 578-1080 ext. 334

MLIS, University of California, Los Angeles
BA in English/Creative Writing, University of California, Los Angeles

Lisa completed her graduate work in library science at the great public university, UCLA. Although drawn to librarianship for many reasons, she mostly wanted to be a librarian because of the books. While in graduate school, she co-founded a reading program in a juvenile hall in Los Angeles and continues to promote reading and writing in her current position, as librarian and a member of the faculty.

I am interested in reading, what people are reading, what it allows for and what it leads to; the kinship of reading to the fundamentals of slow culture, how book reading in particular stands in contrast to the skim-reading we often do on the Internet; the relationship between having librarians on a school campus and the school’s reading culture.

Also interested in a critical and creative pedagogy for information literacy instruction, with a focus on the role of story, the researcher as storyteller and storyseeker.

  • The effect shuttering public school libraries and dismissing librarians has on children, specifically looking at literacy, relationship to reading culture, research skills, authorial identity.
  • Library research as creative work, story and narrative in the development and construction of research papers.
  • Pleasure reading.
  • Library Research Methods (ENG 212)
  • Educational Foundations (EDU 380)
  • Scholarly Storytelling and Library Research: Creative Explorations (HUM/EDU 314)