David Tripp, PhD

Core Faculty, BA in Liberal Studies


David Tripp returned to his teaching position on the BA Core Faculty after serving as the Program Chair from 1998 to 2002. As chair he worked to strengthen the curriculum by developing core course offerings for each area of concentration, designed and implemented a one day a week track, worked in collaboration with Antioch Seattle and Santa Barbara to bring on-line course offerings to students in Los Angeles, and developed a new academic writing curriculum. Prior to assuming the chair position in 1998, Tripp taught a wide range of interdisciplinary courses focused on Cultural Theory, Rights and Justice, and Social Theory.  More recently his teaching has explored Postmodern Ethics, Constructions of the Self, Primitivism, Technology, and Queer Theory.

As program chair Tripp prioritized diversifying the program faculty, bringing issues of race, class, gender and sex more fully into the curriculum. He also worked to enhance, the contributions the BA program makes to the university. To this end he instituted a regular All-BA-Faculty Dinner that focused on issues important to the quality of pedagogic practice at Antioch. And he established the popular quarterly Colloquy Series that brought significant scholars, artists and activists to campus.

Tripp is the Founding Director of the Bridge Program, which provides college classes to low-income adults in Los Angeles, at no cost to students.

"A principal path towards a political economy that is more just for more people involves recognizing the right to quality education for every member of society. It's not just a good thing to do or a charitable thing to do, but something everyone simply should have a right to." David Tripp