Joy Turek, Phd

Chair and Core Faculty, MA in Psychology


Joy Turek, PhD is Chair of the MA in Psychology Program and a member of the Core Faculty. She completed her doctorate while raising two children which makes her a powerful mentor for adult students in professional life. Turek has an ever-deepening interest in the development of cultural sensitivity in society, teaching and clinical practice.  She is actively focused on creating a more culturally sensitive curriculum in the MA in Psychology program at AULA.  She initiated and taught several courses including,  “The Psychology of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Identity” and “Lifespan Development in Gay and Lesbian Individuals.” She has initiated and hired others to teach a wide range of diversity-focused activities, including courses devoted to working with physically different persons, Native Americans, and immigrant populations.  Turek has researched and published on the psychology of humor and has a part-time clinical practice.  She has been teaching at Antioch University Los Angeles since 1976.

Video Interview

"Historically, or at least according to Freud, human development stopped very early in life. Nowadays (perhaps now that the boomers are getting older), we believe people are capable of learning, changing, and growing throughout life. " Joy Turek