Kathryn Pope, MFA

Core Faculty and Director of Bridge Program, BA in Liberal Studies


Kathryn Pope completed her graduate work in Antioch University’s MFA program. Her teaching has covered a range of writing and English classes, including grammar, composition and research, literature, and creative writing. Pope is the author of the novel, After the Strawberry as well as editor and co-founder of the Los Angeles-centric digital press, Seedpod Publishing.

Pope is currently the Head of the Creative Writing concentration within the BA in Liberal Studies as well as the Director of the Bridge Program, which provides college classes to low-income adults in Los Angeles, at no cost to students.

Past Media

Video Interview

“When we allow access to the craft of writing not just to those who have been privileged by formal education and intimate knowledge of elite languages but to everyone, we crack open the world to stories that may not have been seen before. If we can do this as individuals, as communities, as societies -- we just might, as Proust so famously said, learn to ‘see the world with new eyes.’ This listening and seeing in itself, I would argue, is as radical an act as any.” Kathryn Pope