MeHee Hyun, PhD

Co-Chair and Core Faculty, BA in Liberal Studies


MeHee Hyun completed her PhD in the Higher Education division at University of California at Los Angeles with an emphasis on Afro-American Studies.  From this experience, she understands well the challenges of being fully engaged as a student while also working full-time.  MeHee’s BA in English and MA in Education are also from UCLA.

Hyun has over 20 years of professional work experience in the field of Higher Education, having served at Antioch University in various capacities including Director of Admissions & Records and Acting Dean of Advancement. She also has had a number of roles in the Office of Executive Education in the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, on the UCLA Alumni and Scholarship Advisory Committee, and Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools at UCLA.

As an undergraduate student at UCLA, Hyun was inspired by her outreach work with junior and senior high school students, many of whom were visiting a college campus for the first time. This transformative experience greatly influenced her academic area of study at the graduate level and subsequent career choice

Past Media

"People often think about sports and other popular activities as being lowbrow or purely recreational, but it's fascinating to me how much you can discover about culture and society by peering through these lenses." MeHee Hyun