Rosa Garza-Mourino, MA

Affiliate Faculty and Director for External Partnerships, BA in Liberal Studies


Rosa Garza-Mourino joined the BA Program at Antioch University Los Angeles in 2000. She also teaches in the Bridge Program, sits on the Board of Advisors for the Urban Community and Environment (UCE) Concentration, and collaborated on the development of AULA’s MA in Urban Sustainability program. She teaches interdisciplinary courses in the BA Program that critically address the intersections of urban culture, zeitgeist, identity and sense of community using multimedia teaching methods.

An immigrant born, raised and educated in Mexico City, Garza-Mourino specifically chose to live and work in Los Angeles because she considers it the ultimate urban challenge for community building. She sees Los Angeles as the precocious offspring of an accelerated, incremental and relentless influx of differing cultural, economic, political and environmental agendas, intersecting in the region since the late 1700’s. Whether in the classroom or in the field, she prompts her students to consider this city as an apt Petri dish where phenomena such as dislocation, hybrdization, cultural change, and subversion typically may come into sharp focus.

Her academic profile draws from the most current theoretical, methodological and analytic frameworks of cultural studies as informed by sociology, anthropology, urban studies and media studies. Garza-Mourino’s thesis on public urban setting interaction was an interdisciplinary participant observation study conducted in a low-income neighborhood of Mexico City. The study considered possible applications of communication and urban theory to the recording and analysis of transient ownership and domestication of public settings. Her documentary TV script based on this study received a national TV script award in 1985 by the Mexican government. Garza-Mourino’s published work further reflects her focus on ‘the urban other’ as a construct: El águila rumbo al sol (1993), Negociando con Americanos (1995), and cultural commentary pages Fotexto (1994-1999). She has worked as communications advisor as well as Community Engagement, Diversity, and Urban Ethnography research consultant for a range of think-tank organizations both in Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Past Media

“Movies and Cities can be seen as the embodiment of Modernity itself: through either of them you can grasp the birth of mass cultures, mediated interaction, as well as the emergence of new perception and expression skills. By understanding the inception of movies and cities you can interrogate the ambivalent step away from the indigenous we, as a culture, took in favor of values and lifestyles associated to the notions of representation, simulation and make-believe, the exhaustion of reality, and the reinvention of the self.”
Rosa Garza-Mourino, MA