Thomas Mondragon, MA

Affiliate Faculty, MA in Psychology


Thomas Mondragon is faculty in two groundbreaking and visionary specializations in AULA’s MA in Psychology Program. He is a founding instructor in the LGBT Specialization, the first of its kind devoted to providing instruction, skills and theory necessary for effective clinical work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients. Mondragon was instrumental in creating new training site for the LGBT Specialization students at Being Alive, a longtime HIV non-profit organization in West Hollywood. He is also a founding instructor in the Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization, bringing in his strong interest in Jungian psychoanalytic theory. He enjoys teaching classes in both specializations and in the general Master’s program that recognize the importance of diversity consciousness on the cultural, interpersonal and intrapersonal levels.

Mondragon has also been a longtime activist in the gay community. He is currently enrolled in the advanced training of the Institute for Contemporary Uranian Psychoanalysis, an institute that promotes gay-centered psychology, Jungian theory and gay affirmative theory and practice. In addition, Mondragon has a private practice in West Hollywood with a strong focus on gay-centered psychotherapy. He has had many years experience in the addiction recovery field including having served as clinical director in the dual diagnosis outpatient program of Clearview Treatment Programs. He has presented at the national level with the National Conference of Race and Ethnicity, the Expanding the Circle Conference: Creating An Inclusive Environment in Higher Education for LGBTQ Students and Studies, and in the yearly conference of the Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association

“An LGBT affirmative psychotherapist realizes the impact of heterosexism, homophobia and unjust power on both the therapist and the client thereby actively facilitating healing and enrichment in the lives of LGBT clients and their place in the community at large.” Thomas Mondragon