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Andrea Tate

Greetings Antiochans, I also come from the land of Antioch where I received my BA in Liberal Arts from the lovely Santa Barbara campus, and my MFA in Creative Writing from our home base in Culver City. Yes, I do … Read More

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Adrian Cepeda

Greetings and Salutations Antochian Students, As a fellow writer, my goal as a writing consultant echoes Walter Benjamin’s famous saying, “Work on a good piece of writing proceeds on three levels: a musical one, where it is composed; an architectural … Read More

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Robert Morgan Fisher

Fellow Antiochans, As a Writing Specialist in the Antioch Teaching and Learning Center, my goal is to eliminate stress and empower you–all within 45 minutes. Every student has different strengths and challenges; English may not be their first language, or … Read More

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Neil Fasching

Starting as a little tot, my passion for writing has continuously grown. I am an academic writer by training, but a creative writer at heart.  From a thesis on the effects of humanitarian aid on the violence of civil wars … Read More

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LaCoya Katoe Gessesse

Greeting Students! So here’s the story: As an undergraduate business major (boring), my favorite English professor asked me a single, life-changing question—“Why aren’t you majoring in something you love?” The question was instantly freeing, and the rest is history (cliché). … Read More

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Gina Loring

Greetings! I enjoy long walks on the beach, herbal tea, political rhetoric and… oops, wrong bio! Womp Womp. I am a poet, an activist, and a vocalist/songwriter. I enjoy tutoring because I like to help people find their voice and … Read More

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Bob Thomas

I am one of the Antioch University Math Tutors.  I specialize in working with students on basic math skills, as well as basic computer skills (both PC and Mac).  I also tutor students in the BA Statistics classes. I have … Read More

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