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LaCoya Katoe Gessesse

Greeting Students! So here’s the story: As an undergraduate business major (boring), my favorite English professor asked me a single, life-changing question—“Why aren’t you majoring in something you love?” The question was instantly freeing, and the rest is history (cliché). … Read More

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Piotr Florczyk

Hello Writers and Thinkers! If you need help with any aspect of writing, from brainstorming to revising your first draft, including creative writing projects, please come see me. I am here to help! I am poet, essayist, and translator from … Read More

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Gina Loring

Greetings! I enjoy long walks on the beach, herbal tea, political rhetoric and… oops, wrong bio! Womp Womp. I am a poet, an activist, and a vocalist/songwriter. I enjoy tutoring because I like to help people find their voice and … Read More

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Rosemarie DiMatteo

Dear fellow writers, My personal coaching and teaching experience with writers goes back to the late eighties and nineties at Illinois State University and at SUNY Brockport, where I took a Masters in English, Writing concentration. Recently, I’ve graduated from … Read More

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Seth Fischer

Welcome students! I look forward to working with you.Here are a few things about me that might help you get to know me a bit better: My passion is writing. It’s what gets me up in the morning. I’ve published … Read More

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Eugene Owens

I’m a librarian, specifically working here at Antioch University Los Angeles to help students in the ‘before’ phase of their papers, when you need to gather the sources for your papers. In this information candyland we all live in, that … Read More

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Bob Thomas

I am one of the Antioch University Math Tutors.  I specialize in working with students on basic math skills, as well as basic computer skills (both PC and Mac).  I also tutor students in the BA Statistics classes. I have … Read More

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