E. How do I request a book coach who is right for me?

    1. Review each book coach’s bio and personal statement “about book coaching” and make a prioritized list of coaches you’d like to work with.
    2. Choose your book coach. If that coach is available, s/he will be assigned to you.
    3. Choose a book coaching bundle based on the number of pages you will give the coach as your first submission during your chosen enrollment module. Each enrollment module covers a fixed 8-week period of time. After receiving your written response and suggestions from the coach, you may choose another book coaching bundle based on the number of pages you are likely to give your coach for your next submission. You may purchase the next bundle during the same or a subsequent enrollment module, depending on how many weeks are left in the current module, and how many pages your book coach will be asked to read. You may email your coach to determine which bundle and enrollment module would work best.