LaCoya Katoe Gessesse

AULA Pic 2014Greeting Students!

So here’s the story:

As an undergraduate business major (boring), my favorite English professor asked me a single, life-changing question—“Why aren’t you majoring in something you love?” The question was instantly freeing, and the rest is history (cliché).

I knew I loved words on the page and the task of arranging them to engage readers, so I majored in English literature at Lake Forest College, received my MFA in Creative Writing from AULA, and have managed to rack up (idiom) about 10 years working experience as a teaching artist, a teacher, an educational curriculum developer (fancy), an editor for anthologies, etc. (There have been plenty of writing-related jobs, people. Feel free to inquire.)

This is all good news for you, because it means that you can bring just about anything my way. I like assisting students with all stages of their writing, and consider myself particularly swift at helping you brainstorm and outline, before you even begin writing. But no worries, feel free to bring me completed papers, papers-in-progress, outlines, or plain ole technical questions about commas and clauses, and subject-verb agreement (Oh my). Either way, we’ll work together, sentence-by-sentence, to make sure you’re creating something that addresses the requirements of your assignment, as well as something that will make you feel proud of your own words on the page.

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