Tuition and Fees (Mobile)

2015-16 Tuition for AULA Programs

For the 2015-16 academic year, our quarterly programs each have these additional fees:

  • $75 – Technology
  • $25 – Student Activity
  • $95 – Parking

Semester programs have these additional fees:


  • $150 – Technology
  • $25 – Student Activity
  • $25 – Parking
  • $155 – Material


  • $150 – Technology
  • $25 – Student Activity
  • $25 – Parking

Please note: Additional fees for all Antioch University Los Angeles programs may include (but are not necessarily limited to) charges for materials, late registration, enrollment maintenance, graduation, transcripts, tuition payment plan, late payments, late registration, and returned checks. For a complete list of applicable fees, please visit the AULA Catalog.

For further information, contact Student Accounts at (310) 578-1080 ext. 405 or 413.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (degree completion program)

Liberal Studies (BA)  
Units per quarterCost
Full time (12-15 units)$6,790
11 units$6,111
10 units$5,432
9 units$4,753
Half time (6-8 units)$4,074
Less than half time$679 per unit

Education Department

Teacher Credentialing 
Cost per quarter
13-23 units$7,000

Education with Teaching Credential (MA)  
Cost per quarter
5-12 units$4,200

Leadership and Change (MA)  
Cost per quarter
24+ units$7,000 (plus $700 per each unit over 23 units)
13-23 units$7,000
5-12 units$4,200
1-4 units$700 per unit

MA in Nonprofit Management

Non-Profit Management (MA)  
Quarterly tuition $5,272

MA in Organizational Management

MA in Organizational Management  
Cost per quarter
Full time (8 units minimum)$659 per unit
Half time (3-6 units) $659 per unit
Less than half time $659 per unit

MA in Psychology and Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology (MA) 
Cost per quarter
17 and over units$755 per unit for each unit over 16
8-16 units$7,542
7 units$5,285
4-6 units$4,530
1-3 units$755 per unit

MA in Urban Sustainability

Urban Sustainability (MA)  
7-11 units$1,170 per unit

MFA in Creative Writing

Creative Writing (MFA) 
Summer/Fall 2015$8,202
Winter/Spring 2016$8,448
4th Semester:
Summer/Fall 2016$12,582
Winter/Spring 2017$8,448

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs 
Post-MFA Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing$8,041
Certificate in Urban Sustainability$15,600
Certificate in LGBT-Affirmative Psychology$5,800
Certificate in Psychology of Trauma$5,800
Certificate in Applied Community Psychology$16,872


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