Teaching LGBTQ Psychology-Cropped

Dr. Theo Burnes Co-Edits “Teaching LGBTQ Psychology”

MA in Clinical Psychology Associate Professor and Director of the LGBT specialization, Theodore R. Burnes, PhD, MSEd, is the co-editor of the newly released book “Teaching LGBTQ Psychology – Queering Innovative Pedagogy and Practice.” This book is a practical and … Read More

American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Written by Ken Pienkos AULA Library hosted “American Horror Story” as an October literary experience in the realm of genre fiction and speculative abstracts. The students from Kate Maruyama’s summer lit class—LIT4370 American Horror Story and Speculative Fiction—read their ultimate … Read More

AULA - Paul Cummins

Friends of Education Speaker Series

As part of the Friends of Education Speaker Series, renowned educator and founder of numerous schools, Dr. Paul F. Cummins spoke on leveling the playing field for students from every background with joy, passion, and creativity. President and CEO of … Read More

Finding zoey 2

“Raising Zoey”

Like many teenagers, Zoey Luna is into makeup, loves drawing, and is planning to start dating boys in high school. But things aren’t always so easy for a transgender 13-year-old girl. “Finding Zoey” follows Zoey just after winning a case … Read More

AULA sergio-felipe-oliveira

Trance & Possession States

“My problem is spiritual. Medications kill my soul. Please, help me!” “I heard this plead for help several times when I worked with psychiatric patients, mainly by those diagnosed with schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders who did not respond to … Read More

Read On

On Reading

By Lisa Lepore Library Director There’s a ton of research on the benefits of reading. It says reading sharpens our minds to help us understand complex structures, develops sophisticated conceptual connections, expands our use and facility with language, introduces diverse … Read More

AULA-Bi-conference white house

MFA alum & faculty member Seth Fischer attends White House Bisexual Community Briefing

Written by Seth Fischer I was lucky enough to attend a historic Bisexual Community Briefing at the White House, where more than a hundred bi+ activists were given a platform to discuss our needs and showcase our talents. It is … Read More

Winning Team

AULA co-sponsors VetsHack

Antioch University Los Angeles partnered with Sabio, a Los Angeles-based software engineering program, and Operation Code, a non-profit organization that aims to get veterans coding, to host VetsHack over the Labor Day weekend. The objective of the hackathon was to bring … Read More

Recycle for JOBs.web monitor

Put yourself in the cycle.

As you walk around campus you will see new recycling bins. By putting your California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers into the bins, you will not only help protect our environment, but you will help support job creation. Mary Sutton, student … Read More


Collective REMAKE: Art, Business, Education, News, People and Recycling for Sustainability

As part of her capstone project, MA in Urban Sustainability student Mary Sutton, launched a series of five workshops to explore and share the benefits and business of starting worker cooperatives. Sutton is starting an organization, “Collective REMAKE: Art, Business, Education, … Read More