March 10, 2014

Antioch University Los Angeles Partners with Da Vinci High School to Offer Early College Program

Students get a head start on their college education: potential to earn up to one year of college credits while still in high school

Culver City, CA —  March 7, 2014 —  In an era of rapidly increasing college tuition rates, Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA) has partnered with Da Vinci Charter Schools to provide high school students access to college level courses for which they can earn credit toward both their high school diploma and a future college degree. The Da Vinci Early College programs allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college courses at their high school campus enabling them to gain valuable college experience, as well as units that could shorten the time and cost it takes to earn their college degree.

“Enabling students to earn up to one year of college credit while still in high school could either decrease the cost of a bachelor’s degree, or enable a student to consider pursuing a second major,” says Tex Boggs, PhD, Antioch University Los Angeles President. “We also hope it will increase high school graduation and college completion rates.”

Students have the potential to earn up to 42 college credits – the equivalent of a year of college classes. The courses in this dual-credit program were designed to fulfill lower level college class requirements and to be easily transferable. There is no cost to the student to take the college level courses. There are currently 117 students enrolled in the program which began in the fall of 2013.

“Our partnership with the Da Vinci Schools enables us to provide greater access to college to students historically underrepresented in higher education,” says MeHee Hyun, PhD, Co-Chair of the BA in Liberal Studies at AULA. “Da Vinci students also benefit from the additional challenge the rigorous courses demand and the ability to include these successes on their college applications, as well as realize that college is something that they can do.”

The classes are held at the DaVinci Charter School campuses – three public charter high schools located in Hawthorn, CA. The courses currently offered by AULA include Spanish, math, political science, economics, history, and psychology. The courses are taught by DaVinci teachers who are also AULA adjunct faculty.

Beside the cost benefit of either reducing a student’s future tuition and debt, or allowing the student to add a second major or minor. The program helps students become college ready by learning how to study and develop self-discipline. It also exposes students to the challenges of college academics while they remain in their supportive high school environment.

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