Pride Volunteer

Pride 2013 Volunteer Registration

Join us for the 2013 LA PRIDE parade! This year's theme will be Acceptance, No Exception. (Some of you may remember this theme from 2011 - which by popular request we have dusted off, revamped, and will use again this year!) After you fill in the fields below and click “submit”, you will receive a confirmation email. We will email you updates and event details as June 9th draws near.

Special thanks to those of you who sign up to help with pre-parade and post-parade duties. You will receive additional email information before the event.

You can pick up your T-shirt the Friday before the parade, June 7th, from Joanna Gerber on the 2nd floor, Room A2037 OR get it the morning of the parade during set-up. The shirts this year will be bright orange....just in case you wanted to plan your fabulous get-up for the parade. Remember, it tends to be super hot so wear sunscreen and lightweight clothes!

Visit for complete info on the Festival and Parade.
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